Trig Mast Base 00Cm

This mast base from BIC fits into the bottom of your standard diameter mast and accepts a euro-pin mast foot.
It works great if you do not need any extension at the bottom of your mast, just a fixed length, no extension piece.
It does have pulleys and a cleat built in to it, for ease of downhauling your sail.

Key features


- 0 cm adjustement
- For universal axle mast bases
- Very large pully block system for a easier hauling
- Fibre-reinforced polymer pulley block
- 2 wide stainless steel pulleys : 20 mm
Include Product
This Bic Mast Adapter fits on the Bic Mast Base pin that is .56 in. or 14mm.
The top will fit in any standard mast or you can put an extension on it (#30591).
Comes with 3 pulleys built in the base.
Technical Data

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Size Chart
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