The Nova rig package is the ideal choice for “leisure” sailing on relatively flat water. It has been designed with pure simplicity and durability in mind, and is ideally suited with our Nova range of boards. It allows you to learn and progress into the sport of windsurfing without worrying about your equipment.

NOVA Kids 2,5m2 #102097
NOVA Kids 3,0m2 #102098
NOVA Kids 3,5m2 #102099
NOVA 4,0m2 #100351
NOVA 4,5m2 #100352
NOVA 5,0m2 #100353
NOVA 5,5m2 #100338
NOVA 6,0m2 #100355

One Design Rigs

In order to support the growth and development of the Techno 293 OD class, BIC Windsurf developed the One Design Rig package for use specifically by youth sailors on OD boards.

This rig package has been designed to be raced in the widest wind range possible, representing the best possible compromise between light wind pumping performance and high wind planing performance.

OD Rig 5,8m2 #100359
OD Rig 6,8m2 #100360
OD Rig 7,8m2 #100361
OD Rig 8,5m2 #100362

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NOVA Sails

The sail has been designed on a fixed mast and boom length, so when you get to the beach all you have to do is thread the mast up the sail, pull the downhaul to the base of the mast, the outhaul to the clew of the boom, and then go sailing! It’s made from tough Dacron, is well reinforced and super hard wearing, great for intensive use.

The new NOVA 6.0 SUP WIND rig package is ideally suited for flatwater cruising on the SUP Wind boards. The brand new 6 m2 sail for the Nova SUP Wind is ideal for max-ing your fun on flat water in light to moderate winds.

NOVA Sail 4,0m2 #100335
NOVA Sail 4,5m2 #100336
NOVA Sail 5,0m2 #100337
NOVA Sail 5,5m2 #100338
NOVA 6,0m2 #100339

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One Design Sails

- A huge wind range: from 6 to 30 knots. By tuning the downhaul and outhaul, the sail can be rigged either very full with a tight leech, or very flat with an open leech.
- A draft placement at approx. 40% from the front of the sail (freeride sails = 30% / sub-planing sails = 50%), offering the best compromise between lightwind performance and high wind control.
- 6 batten / 2 cam configuration for the best compromise between weight and performance.
- A very stable profile for ease of use and control in the high winds.
- A tack strap tensioner for maximum tuning range and power in light winds. X-Ply reinforcements in critical areas, durable luff pocket material and webbing batten tensioners for ease of use and practicality in a club and racing environment.

OD Sail 5,8m2 #100343
OD Sail 6,8m2 #100344
OD Sail 7,8m2 #100345
OD Sail 8,5m2 #100346

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Their constant curve offers ideal performance in BIC Windsurf sails, but also good performance in other brand sails also

Mast NOVA 3,5 #53706
Mast NOVA 4,0 #53707
Mast NOVA 4,3 #53708

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One Design Mast

Durable and reactive, BIC Sport masts show an excellent price to performance ratio.

Their constant curve offers ideal performance in BIC Windsurf sails, but also good performance in other brand sails also.

Mast OD C60 4,3 #53710
Mast OD C60 4,6 #53711
Mast OD C60 4,9 #53712

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Boom NOVA 160 #53401
Boom NOVA 170 #53402
Boom NOVA 190 #53403

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One Design Boom

Boom NOne Design 185-235 #53631
Boom NOne Design 205-255 #53405

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