Techno 5.8 m2

Techno 5.8 m2

Easy handling all rounder with a steady, smooth power

Ideal for either our Techno or Core boards, the Techno is a pure freeride rig, both easy to use and lightweight, a rig that really performs in light to moderate winds. Its modern design gives it a wide wind range despite the absence of cambers. With plenty of sail area down low, it's got plenty of power to get you up and planing easily, with a smooth and steady pull allowing you to get into the harness and footstraps comfortably. With no cams it is easy to manoeuvre during gybes, tacks, and tricks. With its soft response it is a rig that is easy to control and simply fun to ride. The Techno comes with a quality mast and wishbone and is excellent value for money.It's ideal for all our freeride boards and for making your runs.

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ref : 100356

Technical data

Size material Luff Boom Lenght Extension Battens
5.8 m2 Monofilm 440 cm 183 cm 10 6