Windsurf Rigs

The 2016 BIC Sport Techno and Nova rigs have been seriously re-cut and updated in 2014, to deliver even easier handling, even more versatility, and improved overall performance. The One Design rig has likewise had also a 2014 makeover, making it more than ever a benchmark rig for competitions and freeride/performance.

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The One Design Rig specifically for young riders racing in the T293 OD Class. A fantastic package that allows racing in the widest possible wind ranges : from light wind pumping conditions to full planing racing. The official rig package approved by ISAF for racing in the T293 OD Class as well as a great option for all your total freeride sailing.

Complete pack Sails Mast Boom


The Techno is a pure engine freeride rig, easy to handle and light weight, making it especially attractive for light to medium winds. A huge wind range despite the complete absence of cambers. It’s easy to handle during moves and tricks, its steady responsiveness making it a very comfortable ride. Excellent quality and great value for money.

Complete pack Sails Mast Boom


The Nova rig is ideal for «leisure» sailing on flat water. Its aims : simplicity, light weight and strength, a perfect fit with our existing Nova range. It allows you to learn the basics, then improve your skill level effortlessly and without having to worry about having the right equipment. The NOVA 6.0 SUP WIND rig package is ideally suited for flatwater cruising on the SUP Wind boards for maximum fun in light to moderate winds.

Complete pack Sails Mast Boom