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BIC TECHNO 293 class highlights 2015

More than 10 000 competitors around the world in 60 countries. That is not a virtual reality, that is a real life for BIC Techno 293 class. Racing on club, national and international level. But this class is much more than just about winning. It is a new experience. And when you become a part of this great community, you meet lifelong friends.

BIC TECHNO 133 with hydrofoil

By Eric Terrien, BIC ambassador.

BIC TECHNO 293 - Setup & Technique

Many kids around the world join the biggest windsurfing class every day, but not all of them have an experienced coaches who can help them to learn. Thanks to BIC sports international and International windsurfing association and with help from Mauro Covre (Techno 293 Italian national coach) we can bring you this instructional video. We hope that tips about BIC TECHNO 293 One design setup and some sailing tips will help you to get on the right path...

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