Surfing towards salvation in Colombia

For their Eco-ride series “The Green Wave”, Carine and Manu and their two daughters went on a trip to document a brand new initiative: on the Pacific coast of Colombia, in the Chocó region, surfing has become a form of therapy, as a means to heal young kids’ traumas from often violent pasts. A project with a strong environmental dimension.

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Tahe Outdoors and BIC Sport join forces

BIC Group has received an offer from Tahe Outdoors to purchase its subsidiary BIC Sport. The transaction is expected to be finalized by December 31st 2018 and is consistent with BIC’s strategy to focus on its core activities (of stationery, lighters, and shavers), while the Tahe Outdoor Group has being looking to expand its activities in watersports, making BIC Sport a logical acquisition.

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The green wave 2

« The green wave », is in fact the name of the blog, protest, and individual action “group” recently created by Carine Camboulives and Emmanuel Bouvet, watermen and sensation-seekers at heart. In their first episode under the new flag, they ask what effect climate change might have on something as fundamental to all of us as the waves on our seas.

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The destiny of Gérard Dabbadie

He is undoubtedly the most famous of all French shapers. Over the last twenty years, when he started working with BIC, hundreds of thousands of boards have borne his name. Despite this success, this shaper has always kept a low profile. An encounter with a heavyweights of shaping worldwide. A portrait by Romain Ferrand

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The Green wave

Indefatigable travellers, board fanatics, and eco-warriors, Manu Bouvet and Carine Camboulives, along with their two young daughters, recently made the journey to Sao Tomé & Principe, two tiny islands off the west coast of Africa, bringing home another incredible travelogue of their adventures. From the vantage point of their stand up paddle boards, they help us understand the true beauty of our planet, and the dangers that threaten it.

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The new wave of iranian surf

Iranian surf culture is starting to swell as people take to the waves. Farid from Tehran learned to surf in Ramin, a village in the southeast corner of Iran on the Gulf of Oman ...

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Fanning ou l’impossibilité d’une Ile

In total contrast to all modern means of transport, the Kwai, one of the last remaining sail-powered transport schooners. is the vital supplies link for the La Ligne island chain, lost in the vast empty expanse of the Pacific Ocean. It also carries passengers to and from the islands, continuing the essential service of assuring contact with the rest of the world.

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Happy New Year 2017

Wishing everyone an excellent 2017 with a maximum number of unforgettable watersport sessions. We hope your year has already started in great style!

Our entire 2017 product range can be viewed on line, and the 2017 vintage is rich with promise, plenty of new toys in all categories.


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Results for Carrot Cake Logo design Contest

On the occasion of the release of the Surf by Superfrog gamme,TheCarrot Cake,many of you proposed a logo to accompany the board.
Discover all the creations of many participants and especially the winner logo...


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Dare to explore

Paddling out to the peak in the early morning, walking through the woods in search of a new break, EARTH SURF is much more than just surfing. It is a way of life, where exploration and adventure prevail on performance under the spotlight. It is bringing you back to the essence of free surfing. Take this whole journey as an escape from the outside world, fun and relaxing, Deep into Nature.

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Ecoride Gold

BIC Sport wins the Ecoride Gold Medal for the second Year Running.



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BIC Surf trip Tenerife

The BIC SURF Team had chosen Tenerife (Canary Islands) for the video shooting of 2016 BIC SURF and SUPERFROG product ranges. The Franco-Spanish team discovered the island, its beautiful landscapes and clear waves, guided by its locals from the Surf Club Tenerife. From surf spots in the middle of green mountains in the North to windy little harbors of the South, the Team never stopped moving and surfing to bring you back the very best of Tenerife in this trip video.


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Surfing Galicia

A look at the motivations and passion for SUP Surfing with BIC SUP ambassadors Connor Bonham, Matt Hite, Casi Rynkowski and Jimmy Blakeney as they surf and explore in Barbados on the new 2016 Wave Pro Surf series. 

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