7'0" G-Board Evo

Genuine soft surf boards that offer maximum security, safety and durability. Highly resistant, G-BOARDS are in huge demand in surf schools all over the world. Schools trust in our technology to deliver the perfect boards for their clients, and for getting maximum value from their fleet.

Best for Learning to surf and fast progression. The optimum shapes for beginners, for safety, ride comfort, long-term reliability, and having fun.

For who? Surf schools that need highly resistant and genuine “soft” boards with a soft core, for heavy usage in aggressive physical conditions. Also for surfers and families looking for a super-solid low-risk board that will give many seasons of enjoyment.

4 key sizes of G-Boards EVO boards mean that you can find the right board for any size surfer:
• 6’0 : ≤ 110lbs / 50kg, ideal for kids
• 7’0 : ≤ 145 lbs / 65kg
• 8’0 : ≤ 165lbs / 75kg
• 9’0 : ≥ 165lbs / 75kg

Length Width Volume technology
7'0 22" 48 L G-BOARD
Key features


- Premium, super-soft G-BOARDS construction (deck, rails, fins) for maximum comfort and no stress surfing.
- High volume and width for excellent stability when catching waves and standing up easily right from the start.
- Reliable surfing performance for ongoing progression.
- Long term durability for years of reliable use, even when used in a surf school environment.
- Excellent long-term investment.
- Soft fins included.

Include Product

Fins supplied : Plastic Thruster Tri

Technical Data
Length 7'0
Width 22"
Thickness 3"
Volume 48 L
Fins setup Thruster Tri
Fins supplied Plastic Thruster Tri

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To meet the needs of particularly surf clubs and schools, or learners and families looking for the safest possible start to surfing, the G-Boards EVO range of soft boards focuses on several clear performance criterias:
- Short and wide boards, with good volume and a relatively flat deck, offer the most stable platform for your first take offs.
- Proven rocker lines, rail shapes and board outlines surf great when you start to progress.
- The core of the board is made from a high quality blank of closed-cell, fully watertight foam, unique to G-Boards.
- A composite stringer gives the board good stiffness along its length, and the «Slick Skin» bottom gives the board excellent glide, cushioning bumps and offering impressive knock-resistance.
- A laminated foam non-skid deck is comfortable to paddle, take-off and stand-up on.
- The flexible soft fins are very safe, yet still offer suitable surfing performance and durability for learning.


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