Symetrical Fin 10.5 Cm

Symetrical Fin 10.5 Cm

Hydronamic fins are Bic Surf's latest innovation. They use our Fin-Loc inserts system which is already widely recognized. Developed by Bic Surf's research arm, these fins represent real progress when compared to conventional systems. The latter are composed of one central, symmetrical fin and two lateral fins that are flat on the inside edge. This flat side disrupts the water stream, pointlessly slowing down the board and reducing its responsiveness. To resolve this problem, we worked the inside face of the lateral fins to give them a concave profile that delivers throughput of the water flow without parasitic drag. The result: we were able to increase speed and glide without having to alter the excellent control abilities of the Thruster system.

The 10.5cm Fin-Loc is compatible with:

ACS et ACS Wahine - 5'10" / 6'7" / 7'3 / 7'9"

E-Comp - 6'2" / 6'10" / 7'6"



ref : 31318