SUP Paddles

Oxbow paddles are versatile, high performance and built to last, and they’re aimed at more demanding/higher level paddlers, featuring a full carbon fibre range designed and used extensively by the rider team. The in-house graphics team have given them a cool look and superb finish. There are 2 ranges : Performer (fibreglass or carbon fibre) and Travel (a 3 piece available in either fibreglass or carbon fibre).


BIC SUP paddles have been conceived for leisure paddling and SUP schools, with the emphasis being on versatility, ease of use and sturdy construction. These are paddles that can be used in a very wide range of conditions. There are three different paddle ranges : PERFORMER (fibreglass), ORIGINAL (aluminium) and TRAVEL (a 3 piece available in either aluminium or fibreglass).


BIC SUP & Oxbow paddles are designed, tested and built for performance, durability and versatility in a wide range of conditions. Available in three ranges: PERFORMER, ORIGINAL and TRAVEL.

Performer: Ideal for advanced riders and newbies alike due to their ease of use and performance in a wide variety of conditions. Performer paddles are light, durable and designed for smooth yet powerful propulsion with a clean entry into the water and crisp exit at the end of the stroke. Whether your Touring, Racing, SUP Surfing or just cruising around your local lake, Performer paddles are a joy to use.

Original: The Original range features our value priced paddles, perfect for entry-level and recreational use. Excellent value and solid performance at budget-friendly prices.

Travel: The Travel series maintains the performance features of their ORIGINAL and PERFORMER siblings in a three-piece take-apart construction for ease of storage and travel. Ideal for use with our SUP AIR inflatable boards for a compact and portable SUP package.



Optimized Flex

Extensive testing helped us determine the ideal flex pattern for maximum comfort and performance. Adding a bit more flex to the paddle provides positive feedback to the user and maximizes effective power output while reducing stress on joints for longer, more enjoyable paddle sessions.


The design and performance of our paddle blades is based around three phases of an efficient paddle stroke:

The Catch
Our blade are designed for a smooth entry into the water with minimal splash or blade rotation during entry. This allows the blade to become firmly planted in the water for the second phase of the stroke…

The Pull
This is where power is applied from the paddler, to the blade, into the water and is what propels you forward. Keeping the blade slightly narrower and longer than traditional SUP paddle blades gives you several “gears” depending on how deeply you insert the paddle into the water. Together with a slight dihedral in the blade it also reduces cavitation (flutter) for maximum transfer of power from body to blade to water.

The Recovery
Just as important as the Catch, a clean recovery minimizes power loss and maintains rhythm. Oxbow paddle blades have minimal ‘curve’ in the blade and a thin profile. This allows the blade to “pop” out of the water at the end of the stroke quickly and cleanly. The thin profile also increases blade performance when feathering the paddle through the water, which is an advanced recovery technique used in many situations, from helping maintain balance to course corrections.