Pro-Level Performance, Bro Level Stability

SUP Surfing is all about Versatility - You want a board that makes mushy thigh high waves fun but will still perform when it pumps.
You want a board that's stable enough to make paddling enjoyable, but not so stable that you lose the performance you were after in the first place. We get it. The new Wave Pro range was born from years of testing and refining the ideal blend of outline, rocker profile, volume distribution, bottom contour, fin locations and rail profile to arrive at the ultimate all-conditions design. Once we hit on the right blend we then tailored it to each of the six models so riders of all sizes and skill levels could benefit.
Boards sizes: 7'4 / 7'8 / 8'2 / 8'10 / 9' / 9'4
Technology: C-TEC
Brands: BIC / Oxbow

Key Features

Versatile surf SUPs for all types of waves
100% Carbon-Innegra construction for lightweight performance and knock resistance
Thinned out rail profile for added bite and reduced swing weight
Volume hidden along stringer for added stability
Flat section under standing area to enhance stability and glide through flat sections
Narrow tail for surf-performance once on the wave
Diamond grip EVA pad for added traction and comfort