Oxbow is the name for a river that takes a meandering path on its journey to the sea. Born in the mid-1980’s in Normandy, France, the Oxbow brand found inspiration in this idea; a desire to wander and an understanding that life is about the journey, not the destination. Today Oxbow is a legendary European surfwear brand rooted in nature, the sea and the road less traveled.
Around the same time in France the Bich family, of BIC pen fame, united their passion for the sea with expertise in sustainable manufacturing to found BIC Sport. Today BIC Sport is a world leader in boardsports manufacturing, designing and building paddleboards, surfboards and windsurf boards using exclusive construction technologies in Vannes, France.

These two iconic French brands have joined forces to develop a new range of Oxbow Stand Up Paddleboards that embody the shared values, passion and philosophy of both companies. This exciting collaboration brings the best of each brand to the forefront with products proudly manufactured at the BIC Sport factory in France with the unique Oxbow look, feel and spirit.
We invite you to explore the new Oxbow range of paddleboards, paddles and accessories in the pages that follow. Find your board, follow your dreams.