If you’re looking for a board to be equally at home surfing a wave as is relaxing on the local lake, look no further than the Performer series. We’ve blended surf-inspired longboard outlines for solid wave performance with confidence-inspiring stability and a moderate rocker profile for versatility in flat-water conditions.

Find the size that’s right for you and join the thousands of riders who’ve made the Performer series an international best-seller.

Length Width Weight Volume technology
9'2" 31"1/2 30 lbs 145 Liters TOUGH-TEC
Key features


- Surf-Inspired Longboard Shapes for stable flat water cruising and wave surfing performance
- Attachment Points – Leash plug at tail + two attachment points in front of standing area for securing gear
- Embossed EVA deck pad is plush and comfortable while offering excellent traction
- Moderate rocker profile to maintain glide in flat water while still performing in the surf zone
- Round Thumb Tail shape for smooth rail transfers and pivot turns
- Ergo-Grip carry handle for ease of transport and less fatigue

Include Product

Fins set up : Thruster
Center Fin : FCSII 8" Dolphin
Fin Supplied : FCSII Dolphin 8"

Technical Data
Length 9'2"
Width 31"1/2
Thickness 4"1/4
Weight 30 lbs
Volume 145 Liters
Feet off tail 12.2"
Feet off nose 21.4"
Max Rider Weight 180 lbs
Fins setup 4 + 1
Center fin FCSII Dolphin 8"
Fins supplied Dolphin 8"

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Performer Stand up Paddle by BIC Sport


TOUGH-TEC Technolohy Stand up Paddle by BIC Sport

• Molded, Watertight EPS Foam Core for structural integrity and stiffness.
• Extremely tough outer polyethylene skin for extreme impact resistance.
• Embossed EVA foam pad for maximum comfort.
• Molded external inserts – no penetrations through outer shell and maximum strength.


Under heat and pressure in aluminum molds we thermoform a durable, impact resistant skin over a molded, watertight EPS foam core. The board is then extracted from the mold and sent for finishing.



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