Paddle Edge Guard

Paddle Edge Guard
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Paddle Edge Guard
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The SUP Paddle Blade Protection serves to protect both your fibreglass and carbon paddle blades, and the rails of your SUP boards, against superficial damage when they are knocked together during a normal SUP paddle stroke. This is particularly the case if you are new to SUP paddling and are still learning the basics of the SUP paddle stroke. The SUP Paddle Blade Protection is delivered in the packaging together with all fibreglass and carbon paddles.

To apply :
1. Cut the paddle protection tube in half, so that you can protect both vertical sides of the blade evenly.
2. Make sure that the blade is clean and dry. For better results, lightly sand the paddle edges that will be covered with the blade protection.
3. Apply SUPERGLUE (or another CYANOACRYLATE based glue) to the inside of the SUP Paddle Blade Protection Tube. For best results, use the SUPERGLUE that does not dry immediately upon contact, and allows a small amount of adjustment before setting.
4. Place the blade protection tubes symmetrically on each vertical edge of the SUP paddle blade. Hold in place with 3 or more elastic bands and leave to dry.
5. Once dry, remove the elastic bands and go paddling! ENJOY

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