CHINADOG | User-friendly performance

The Chinadog Range range is ideal for anyone who wants to jump into surfing with maximum ease of use, fast progression and continued enjoyment.

Chinadogs boards have unique features designed to maximize fun and user-friendly performance for firsttimers while still performing as skill levels progress.

Our shaper, design team and test pilots tested and tweaked the Chinadog series for stability and user-friendly performance and have declared them to be the ultimate boards for learning and progressing.

Chinadogs boards are reinforced with fiberglass and epoxy resin to make them strong and longer lasting than typical soft tops on the market. The «Chinadog» graphic comes from Oxbow fashion style catalogue, for looking great on the water.

Length Width Weight Volume
6'0" 21.00" 8.8lbs 42L
Key features


Shortboard (Soft) 6'0 X 21.00" comes with:

• Soft IXPE foam top/rails and soft fins for comfort and user-friendly performance.
• Forgiving, easy to ride shapes for instant success.
• Fiberglass & epoxy reinforced core for durability and enhanced product lifetime.
• Durable protective deck layer to protect graphics.
• Low-profile carry handle ideally positioned for easy transportation.
without affecting riding comfort.
• Soft, user-friendly fins with performance shapes.

Weight range : <110 lbs / <50 kg

Include Product

Fins set up : Thruster
Fin supplied : G5 Softboard Fin

Technical Data
Length 6'0"
Width 21.00"
Thickness 3.18\"
Weight 8.8lbs
Volume 42L
Fins setup Thruster Tri
Fins supplied G5 Softboard Fin
Max Rider Weight <110 lbs

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