- Asymmetric blades for the more advanced kayakers.
- Very stable, light weight, powerful, it’s ideal for taking you to another level, an excellent motor at a great price for the more

Length Weight
87" / 220cm 2.09 lbs
Key features


BIC Kayak’s catalogue offers a wide range of kayak paddles, to give the best choice possible for every kayak pursuit and paddling style. Mini-ranges called «Beach» (leisure kayaking), «Sport» (all-round and sport kayak), «Sport Soft Grip» (integral foam grips), and «Adventure» (top quality materials, long distance paddling) will help guide you to the perfect paddle for you. The blades of our Sport and Adventure paddles have been custom designed to ensure maximum paddle comfort. The central rib stiffens the whole blade to help spread your effort and the water flow as efficiently as possible during the submerged phase. Making them exceptionally easy on your hands, comfortable to use, and delivering top performance.

Technical Data
Length 87" / 220cm
Weight 2.09 lbs

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