Tahe Outdoors and BIC Sport join forces

BIC Group has received an offer from Tahe Outdoors to purchase its subsidiary BIC Sport. The transaction is expected to be finalized by December 31st 2018 and is consistent with BIC’s strategy to focus on its core activities (of stationery, lighters, and shavers), while the Tahe Outdoor Group has being looking to expand its activities in watersports, making BIC Sport a logical acquisition.

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The green wave 2

« The green wave », is in fact the name of the blog, protest, and individual action “group” recently created by Carine Camboulives and Emmanuel Bouvet, watermen and sensation-seekers at heart. In their first episode under the new flag, they ask what effect climate change might have on something as fundamental to all of us as the waves on our seas.

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O’pen BIC World Championships 2018

The sailors were ready to go if the wind ever showed, and their patience eventually paid off, with enough “wind” rustling the sails to finally complete one race in each category, U13 and U17, before it disappeared again.

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Techno 293 OD and O’pen BIC Worlds: two major deciders for 500 riders!

For O’pen BIC and Techno 293 One Design, BIC Sport’s two One Design classes, the business end of the season is fast approaching with two World Championships taking place in quick succession, just one day apart, at the end of July and beginning of August.

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The Green wave

Indefatigable travellers, board fanatics, and eco-warriors, Manu Bouvet and Carine Camboulives, along with their two young daughters, recently made the journey to Sao Tomé & Principe, two tiny islands off the west coast of Africa, bringing home another incredible travelogue of their adventures. From the vantage point of their stand up paddle boards, they help us understand the true beauty of our planet, and the dangers that threaten it.

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Russell Coutts: Getting back to the basics

The principle aim of the Russell Coutts Sailing Foundation is to introduce children to the joys of sailing and to help each participant to grow in character and personal confidence. Scuttlebutt editor Craig Leweck caught up with Russell Coutts for an update.

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O'pen BIC , focus on 2018

Following a brilliant 2017 season that included a magnificent World Championships on Lake Garda, and a Euro Challenge progressing strongly on all fronts, the 2018 vintage is already looking to be even more promising : a World Championships in sunny Barcelona and already 3 recognised rounds of Euro Challenge.

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O’pen Tour/Euro Challenge 2017 : testing conditions at the final round !

The final round of O’pen BIC Tour, from 28th – 30th October at La Grande Motte in the south of France, was a fitting climax to the 2017 season, with some strong conditions and a talented field of 66 racers from France, Spain and Italy. It was not just the final round of the 2017 O’pen Tour, but also the end of the 2017 Euro Challenge.

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O’pen BIC Euro Challenge Rimini

The second round of the 2017 O’pen BIC Euro Challenge, which took place in Rimini in the principality of San Marino, was a full-house in every respect, setting a new record for the number of participants at this Challenge tour, started in 2016. More than 100 (101) competitors made the trip over...

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A KIWI GRAN SLAM ON World Championship 2017

The curtain falls on the O'pen BIC 2017 World Championships which was held in the waters in front of Circolo Vela Arco. Starting from July 31st the event brought to Lake Garda’s Trentino's shores no less than 187 young athletes competing to earn the title of O'pen BIC World Champion.

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O’pen BIC World Championships - day 2

Twelve nations are in Circolo Vela Arco, by the famous lake Garda, Italy, represented by almost two hundred young sailors competing in the O'Pen Bic World championship until the end of the week.

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O’pen BIC 2017 World Championships

Meanwhile, the O’pen BIC World Championships is making its final preparations at the Arco sailing club in Italy ! From 31st July to 5th August, this extremely busy sailing centre on Lake Garda will welcome the very best O’pen BIC skippers on the planet.

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America’s Cup Endeavour O’pen BIC

With the backdrop of America’s Cup 35, thirty-two O’pen BIC sailors, ages ten to fifteen, participated in the America’s Cup Endeavour O’pen. The kids and parents represented ten different nations from around the world, and hailed the event as the “experience of a life time”.

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35th America’s Cup

The 35th America’s Cup match is now set between Emirates Team New Zealand who will challenge Oracle Team USA. While the Challenger and Defender Teams are preparing themselves for the ultimate sailing contest, 32 youngsters, representing 10 countries, ...

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Fanning ou l’impossibilité d’une Ile

In total contrast to all modern means of transport, the Kwai, one of the last remaining sail-powered transport schooners. is the vital supplies link for the La Ligne island chain, lost in the vast empty expanse of the Pacific Ocean. It also carries passengers to and from the islands, continuing the essential service of assuring contact with the rest of the world.

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Happy New Year 2017

Wishing everyone an excellent 2017 with a maximum number of unforgettable watersport sessions. We hope your year has already started in great style!

Our entire 2017 product range can be viewed on line, and the 2017 vintage is rich with promise, plenty of new toys in all categories.


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Big up to both of them for their determination and tenacity!

Billy Besson and Marie Riou eventually managed to finish 6 rounds of racing in the Nacra 17 class at the Rio Olympic Games, despite Billy's injury. Victim of a disc hernia just before the Games, he nevertheless managed to race all the rounds despite being in considerable, continuous pain. He was particularly handicapped in the heavier winds (where he's normally unbeatable), but still managed 1st, 1st and 3rd place finishes on the day when the wind was lighter and more stable. Big up to both of them for their determination and tenacity in the face of such adversity!


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The biggest World Championships in the history of O'pen BIC

The 2016 O’pen BIC World Championships 2016 took place from 18 to 23 july at the ENVSN (National Sailing and Water Sports School) at Quiberon in France. This World Championships was the biggest in the history of O'pen BIC, which celebrated its 10th birthday this year. 205 competitors from 15 different countries raced from 18 to 23 july.


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Ecoride Gold

BIC Sport wins the Ecoride Gold Medal for the second Year Running.



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