Rig 4,5 O'pen Skiff
Ref. 102578
The rig includes a fully-battened, 4.5m² mono-film sail with mast pocket,
similar to that of a windsurf sail. Rigged on an epoxy mast, the sail has
been designed with an open leech to give sailors maximum control
and performance in windy conditions. The Cunningham tackle
(6 threads + cleat) associated with the boom vang / boom safety
attachment, allows sailors to trim efficiently the tension of the sail.
Key features


Launched in 2006, the O’pen BIC has already convinced more than 7000 young sailors around the world. They love the fun they can get out of it, its capacity to react fast and its prowess. An ISAF international class is also very active for those who enjoy competitive racing. Racing enthusiasts benefit from an energetic international ISAF Class and from the motivation of many national federations who have selected the O’pen BIC for their clubs.
Technical Data

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Mast foot


Monofilm panel


Hoist pennants