SWING FC 30 85'' - 89'' 2 PCS

Recreationnal & Touring paddle

Conceived for use in moderate seas and flat water (exploration, fitness training), the Swing suits all kinds of conditions.

It allows you to paddle with a less acute angle of attack, economising your energy, especially paddling into strong wind.

The blade shape means you can achieve a longer stroke, giving you increased duration of forward movement with each one.

Length Weight
85'' - 89'' 2.10 lbs
Key features


Swing FC paddle:
- Suited to paddling in all conditions for exploration and fitness training
- Very efficient in difficult conditions
- Propulsion-efficient blade shape
- Great value for money
- With 30% Carbon-Fiberglass shaft
- Fibrylon Pale : Glass fiber reinforced nylon

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1 SWING FC 30 85'' - 89'' 2 PCS

Technical Data
Length 85'' - 89''
Weight 2.10 lbs

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