SWIFT FC 30 85'' - 89'' 2 PCS

Recreationnal & Touring paddle

The Swift is ideal for paddling flat water (beginner) and for moderate seas (beginner, exploration, wave ski...).

It enables you to hit fast speeds using less energy. It's super efficient when you raise your stroke rate, especially when you're surf kayaking, which requires an immediate, fast take-off. We also recommend it for sprints, and for the different rhythms of fitness/interval training.

The Swoop is well balanced, comfortable and is a perfect choice for endurance paddling.

Length Weight
85'' - 89'' 2.10 lbs
Key features


Swift paddle:
- Wide range of use: flat water (beginner) and moderate sea (beginner, exploration, wave ski...)
- Fast acceleration (sprints, surf take-off, fitness...)
- Well-balanced, comfortable and efficient
- 30% Carbon-Fiberglass shaft
- Fibrylon Pale : Glass fiber reinforced nylon

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1 SWIFT FC 30 85'' - 89'' 2 PCS

Technical Data
Length 85'' - 89''
Weight 2.10 lbs

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