BIC Sport is the proud owner of an industrial tool that is unique in the world, capable of three different manufacturing techniques : thermoforming, thermoforming around a polystyrene core, and blow moulding/blown extrusion. BIC Sport is the only manufacturer in the world to have these three manufacturing techniques available on one production site. This enables us to produce six different product types.


Hollow Twin-Sheet Thermoforming

The principle : two slabs (deck and hull) are heat-moulded in an aluminium mould then pressure-fused together. The product is then cooled and taken for finishing in the workshops.

Products using this technique:
Kayaks, O'pen BIC, Dinghies



Thermoforming around a Polystyrene Core

ACE-TEC : a polystyrene blank is covered with fibreglass layers which is then impregnated with resin before being moved to a mould containing two prepared thermomoulded ASA finishing sheets. The mould is pressure-sealed, then cooled, the finished product extracted and sent for finishing.

Products using this technique:
Techno windsurf, designated Surf, Allround SUP.

TOUGH-TEC : under heat and pressure in aluminum molds we thermoform a durable, impact resistant skin over a molded, watertight EPS foam core. The board is then extracted from the mold and sent for finishing.

Products using this technique:
Windsurf and designated SUP



Blow Molding / Blown Extrusion

The principle : a tube of extruded (molten) polyethylene is gravitymoulded and then shaped by being blown against the inner walls of its hollow mould. Next it’s cooled, taken out of the mould and moved to a steel shaper where it is expansion-filled with high density polyurethane foam.

Products using this technique:
Dura-Tec Surf.

Our brand story

"Founded in 1979 by the Bich family, of BIC pen fame, BIC Sport grew from the family’s passion for watersports and expertise in sustainable manufacturing. By the late 1980s BIC Sport was a world leader in windsurf manufacture, and over the following 20+ years the company utilized their technological manufacturing skills on other passion projects including surf, kayak, junior racing dinghies..."

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