Roller Kit For Sportyak

Removable roller system, to be fitted to the Sportyak 213 allowing you to easily transport your kayak to the water edge.
Quick and simple to fit using the pin in the rear rowlock and secure it with a split pin on the top of the pin.

- Galvanized metal chassis
- Plastic hub with low pressure rubber tyre

vue du Sportyak avec sa roue pour un transport facile par Bic sport
Key features


The maximum inflation pressure indicated on the tires must not be exceeded. Over-inflation may result in the inner tube bursting and rupture of the wheel assembly, which may in turn lead to the axle collapsing and result in personal injury from the exploding tire. Likewise, if you leave the tires exposed under hot sun, even for short periods, you are advised to slightly deflate the tires so that the maximum recommended pressure is not exceeded.

Technical Data

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