Sportyak 245 Blue / White

Ref. B0201

The Sportyak 245 is the result of 35 years of experience and development ! This mid sized dinghy combines the best features of those other legendary boats that are the BIC 252 and the Sportyak 213.

Light weight, easy to transport, giving you excellent glide when you row, it can also be fitted with either a thermal or electric motor. From carrying men and equipment to an anchored boat, to getting out to the best fishing spots, to being a great toy for the kids… There are almost no limits for this super safe and versatile boat !

Length Width Weight
8'0.5" 3'11.2" 86 lbs
Key features


With their exceptional light weight and great build quality, their incredible longevity, and above all, their incomparable stability, BIC boats have built a solid reputation in the world of leisure boating.

Include Product

Accessories included with the dinghy: - 2 oars
- 3 rowlocks
- 3 rowlock brackets
- 1 rope
- 1 seat
+ wheel system

notice de montage pour le Sportyak 245 by BIC Sport
Technical Data
Length 8'0.5"
Width 3'11.2"
Board weight 86 lbs
boat_engine_maxi_power 3 CV
recommended_engine 3 CV

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The double hull gives added safety to passengers. Even if a very violent impact made a hole on the outside hull, the inner hull would provide sufficient flotation to get back to shore.


"As the supposed true king of dinghies/tenders, the best all-round performer on the market, the 245 lived up to its billing...."

Voile Magazine March 2015

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